The treasurer’s main responsibility is to conduct the branch’s financial business by keeping the accounts in accordance with the rules, providing reports on the financial position of the branch to the executive committee and providing a detailed financial report for the AGM.  The treasurer must advise the executive committee in respect of matters relating to financial management and appropriate expenditure; they are also responsible for providing an audited annual return of branch income.

    We also have two honorary auditors who are not members of the executive committee.

    Branch Treasurer

    Christian Manna
    Tower Building, Room M189
    Telephone: 020 7133 4391

    Chris Manna is an ERA certified shop steward and was previously membership secretary.  He is a trained HERA role analyst and has attended a number of trade union education courses, including:

    • Introductory Organising Steward
    • Handling Grievances and Disciplinaries
    • Rights at Work
    • Work/ Life Balance
    • Dealing with Redundancy and Reorganisation at Work


    Roushanthi Sivanesan
    Tower Building, Room M153
    Telephone: 020 7133 2913

    Robert Ramos
    Tower Building, Room M133
    Telephone: 020 7133 2911

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