Alex Tarry

    The branch secretary is responsible for ensuring the proper completion of the branches tasks by acting as the strategic lead officer and co-ordinator within the branch. The secretary will encourage partnership working within the executive committee and the development of new representatives by providing support and guidance. It is also the branch secretary’s responsibility to guide the branch’s development through the preparation and implementation of a branch organisation and development plan and to ensure the representation of members within the branch in accordance with national guidance.

    The branch secretary must convene and attend all meetings and arrange for the minutes to be kept in a proper manner and circulated to all branch officers and shop stewards.

    They co-ordinate all conditions of service negotiations and industrial relations matters and ensure, in conjunction with the executive committee, that the branch observes the rules of the union and the objectives agreed annually by the national executive council.

    Alex Tarry
    Tower Building, Room M108
    Telephone: 020 7133 2504

    Alex Tarry is an ERA certified shop steward. He is a trained HERA role analyst and pensions champion and has attended a number of trade union education courses, including:

    • Introductory Organising Steward
    • Handling Grievances and Disciplinaries

    The UNISON office at North campus is in
    Tower Building, Room T207
    Telephone: 020 7133 2459