Claire Locke Branch Chair


    The branch chair is elected at the annual general meeting each year: they chair the AGM and executive committee meetings plus other ad hoc gatherings when these are agreed. They agree the agenda for meetings with the secretary; ensure that business is properly conducted; advise the branch officers and executive committee in respect of matters relating to procedure and interpretation of rules; and ensure that all functions of the branch are carried out. The chair at London Met works closely with the branch secretaries to provide leadership to the branch, is on the negotiating team and co-ordinates communication with members.

    We have a deputy chair to cover this work when the chair is on leave.

    Branch Chair

    Claire Locke
    Tower Building, Room M108
    Telephone: 020 7133 4528

    Claire Locke was previously welfare officer and has served as president of the students’ union.

    Deputy Chair


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