Tue 14th March 2017, 12.00 – 2.00pm TMG-78, Tower Building Holloway Road London N7 8DB Time off agreed and reimbursed travel costs from City campus. Members are entitled to reasonable time off including reasonable travel time each way (services permitting) – this applies only if you are directly employed by the University.

Richard Burton – Appeal for Witnesses

On Thursday, October 20, at around 6.50pm a motorcyclist, Richard Burton, crashed into the central reservation on the M4 westbound carriageway close to the junction 6 exit, on his way home from work. Richard was known to be a careful driver and there were no reported potholes or debris in the road which would cause […]

Welfare support from UNISON

Rising bills and stagnating wages are driving down the standard of living at an alarming rate. On one hand we have energy companies playing games with politicians while vulnerable people literally freeze to death, and on the other, greedy bankers and payday loan sharks waiting to plunge us deeper into debt. If you’re a UNISON […]

Summer Social 2016

Every year London Met UNISON organises a summer social which is usually a trip to the seaside. Seaside towns we have visited over the past few years have included: Whitstable Margate Southend Hastings Having exhausted most local seaside towns, this year our social is being held in the Tollington Arms on Honsey Road. Further details will […]


Pay austerity is a choice being made by universities – not a necessity. There is money, but it is only being made available for some. UNISON believes it should be available for all. Your UNISON branch is recommending to reject the 1.1% pay offer and commit to an escalating industrial action to seek an improved […]

Open letter to the Vice Chancellor

Dear John, Thank you for sending your update to staff regarding the current S188 consultation. UNISON along side the UCU and many, if not all, non union staff members feel you could be doing more to make this process far fairer and ensure this project has a greater chance of success by applying three things […]

2016 AGM Report

The Branch held its Annual General Meeting on 29th March 2016. The AGM began with the screening of a short video about the demonstrations against the Government’s policy of forced academisation of all schools, with an emphasis on solidarity between reforms in education and the then on-going junior doctors’ dispute. The meeting was then formally […]

UNISON in Dispute with London Met

We have now registered a dispute with the university and will be conducting a consultative ballot starting next Monday so we can have a better idea of what action you would be prepared to take should our dispute result in a failure to agree with the university. We are not looking at taking strike action […]

Pay Consultation 2016

On 11th May 2016 UNISON’s higher education service group voted unanimously to reject the 1.1% pay offer and have triggered the disputed resolution procedure which is now being followed by a consultation of branches, with a recommendation that members reject the offer and move to an industrial action ballot. To read the members information on pay […]

Joint members meetings next week

On Tuesday 31st May London Met management announced another s188 intending to make almost 400 staff redundant as posts are deleted as part of a radical ‘organisational restructure’ over the next 2 years in preparation for the University to shrink down to just one campus in Islington! There will be two joint UNISON and UCU […]

Update Member Details


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