Stress Action Plan 2017

    Our members are sick of being surveyed so they can be told how stressed they are!



    The UNISON 2017 AGM voted unanimously for our branch to develop a stress action plan: let’s not just talk about stress, let’s do something about it!

    There are several measures that could be implemented to make our lives a lot less stressful at London Met. Initial examples include:

    1. More annual leave for PSD staff – we expect parity with our academic colleagues at the very least.
    2. Survey management to improve relations with staff identify training needs.
    3. Implement a workload policy for PSD staff
    4. Provide a staff common room in every building
    5. Provide guidance on student behaviour i.e. process for making complaints against aggressive/abusive students.
    6. Provide an annual all staff social event – i.e. bring back the staff ball!
    7. Give staff free gym memberships – Only limit availability to first come, first served if cost is an issue
    8. Staff development activities – i.e. provide fee waivers for staff to complete academic courses.

    Time to stop talking and take action

    Please send your suggestions and feedback to