Save Hornsey Road Nursery

    Staff and students rally to save their nursery

    Campaign against the closure of our last remaining nursery at London Metropolitan University

    In 2009, London Met announced the closure of the last nursery at Hornsey Road.  We launched a campaign alongside the Parents Group, UCU and the Students’ Union to keep it open.

    See a report of our last rally to save the nursery here, press coverage of another rally to save our Nursery and a report on UNISON campaigns against Nursery closures here.

    See our online petition which was presented alongside 800+ signatures on a paper petition in addition to 3,000 signatures collected in 2009 and presented to the Board of Governors. Watch our film on the nursery campaign below:

    Here is the statement from UNISON on the final decision of the vice-chancellor, Professor Malcolm Gillies, to close the Nursery:

    One rule for us … another for them

    We haven’t been able to convince the new VC that the nursery is worth saving. Despite our comprehensive proposals that show it has scope for growth and becoming a centre for excellence with promised support and collaboration from the Centre for Early Childhood Studies; despite a business proposal that had the backing of students and staff, plus support from some The London Enterprise Office staff; despite hundreds of signatures showing support; despite promised support from the council; despite the fact that the nursery had a ‘Good’ OFSTED report (with ‘Outstanding’ elements); despite all of that Malcolm Gillies is shutting the door on education opportunities at London Met for parents.

    They can afford ‘performance related’ bonuses for management, but they can’t afford a nursery.

    They can afford another consultant to advise them NOT to claw back any money from the disgraced VC Brian Roper …. but they can’t afford a nursery.

    Let’s compare the OFSTED report into the Nursery, with the Melville Review into the senior management of London Met. They are polar opposites: Nursery = excellent Vs Management of London Met = appalling. And yet despite the recommendations of the Melville Review, some members of the executive group aren’t being held to account, whilst all of the nursery staff are made redundant. Where is the justice in that?

    Was the Melville / Deloitte report not ‘evidence based’?

    This message is bitterly disappointing. So much for a ‘fresh start’. Talk is cheap: listening and hearing our views is one thing. Acting on the views of staff – instead of the advice of expensive lawyers and consultants – is altogether different.

    The news over the last week at London Met exposes the danger of us easing off the pressure. Clearly we need to re-organise and apply more pressure to see real change at London Met….

    (23 March 2010)

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