Protect our Pensions

    Nationally, UNISON is working to defend good pension schemes and improve and promote affordable, decent pensions for our members at London Metropolitan University.

    We negotiate changes to improve pensions on behalf of our members and defend the pensions of members who are transferred between employers, from the public to the private sector. UNISON also acts to affect government policy on pensions, including state pensions and pension credits.

    Local Government Pension Scheme

    The Local Government Pension Scheme is one of the largest pension schemes in the UK with collective funds running into billions.  It is a final salary, public and statutory scheme meaning its particulars are determined by an Act of Parliament.

    The scheme is a valuable part of a pay and reward package for employees working in local government.  In London it is managed by the London Pensions Fund Authority, established in 1989 as a stand-alone public body to take over the running of the former Greater London Council Pension Fund.

    We see it as a vital part of UNISON policy to ensure that our members in higher education are provided with a good quality pension scheme that gives them the chance to save for a pension that rewards their endeavours.

    For more information on the LGPS and LPFA, visit the UNISON website.

    State Pension

    It is now over 100 years since Lloyd George introduced state pensions with the passing of the Old Age Pensions Act 1908.

    The first state pensions paid up to five shillings to people with minimum income over the age of 70 and entitlement was means tested.  Since then, state pensions have changed a great deal and they now provide income for many.  But is this income sufficient and do enough people qualify for it?

    UNISON supports the concept of a state pension, but we must continue to lobby for improvements so that state pensions reflect fair value, provide enough income for the least well off, and make a real difference to people’s lives in retirement.

    For more information on state pensions and retirement, visit the UNISON website.

    Pensions Champions

    Max Watson (City)
    Tower Building, Room M164
    Telephone: 020 7133 5132
    Blackberry: 07949 039187

    Alex Tarry (North)
    Tower Building, Room M108
    Telephone: 020 7133 2504

    Pensions contacts

    Susan Lloyd
    Harglenis Building, Room 116
    Telephone: 020 7133 4011

    Jonathan McCree
    Harglenis Building, Room 116
    Telephone: 020 7133 4303

    David Summers
    The Learning Centre, Room G14
    Telephone: 020 7133 2100

    Day of action

    On 30 November 2011, UNISON members, alongside other public sector unions and the TUC, took part in a day of action to defend our pensions.  Changes to public sector pensions such as the LGPS will mean higher education staff will be expected to pay more and work longer for a lot less.  We are continuing to negotiate on our members’ behalf to secure a fair deal.

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