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    The ConDem government are saying “we are all in this together,” but bankers are enjoying fat cat bonuses while jobs and services are being slashed.

    Members of the executive committee (l-r) Eddie Rowley, Chris Manna, Gail Cameron and Max Watson at IHOOPS rally

    Islington — home of the University and one of the most deprived London boroughs — stands to lose £335 million in government funding over four years, equivalent to £4,000 for every household.

    £100 million (£160m in real terms) consists of “formula grant” cuts to Islington Council, which has an annual budget of around £350 million. This is over a third of the net total and stands in marked contrast to the cut to Richmond Council of less than 2%.  The council is dependent on these grants to provide the services on which the most vulnerable residents rely.  For Islington’s response, see How we’re tackling cuts.

    Using the government’s own figures, the borough faces an 8.78% cut in estimated “revenue spending power” in 2011/12 (and a further 4.28% in 2012/13), one of the deepest of any local authority. At the other end of the scale, Tory controlled Richmond-upon-Thames’ reduction stands at just 0.61%.  See Revenue spending power 2011/12 and 2012/13 (including NHS support for social care), for the full data or to compare your local authority.

    These ideologically driven cuts are on a scale that has not been seen since post-war years.

    In the coming year the council will revert to the same funding levels, effectively, as for 2004/5, without allowing or inflation or service pressures.  This will cause appalling hardship and suffering in Islington while the City of London bankers who are to blame for the financial crisis enjoy their share of £7 billion in Christmas bonuses.

    UNISON London Metropolitan University and Islington Trades Council are affiliated to the Islington Hands Off Our Public Services coalition, a broad-based campaign that argues they are not necessary:

    • Stop cuts to public services and privatisation
    • Create jobs to boost the economy and cut the deficit
    • Invest in housing, education, health, renewable energy, transport etc.
    • Crack down on the £120 billion tax gap of evaded, avoided and uncollected tax
    • Free up billions by not renewing Trident
    • End costly consultants, contracting out and PFI

    IHOOPS is committed to opposing cuts to public services, jobs and pensions, to defend the welfare state and universal benefits, and to campaign for progressive alternatives.  The coalition is inclusive, independent and non-sectarian.  Any UNISON member can get involved in the branch delegation.

    Neighbouring intiatives include:

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