National pay claim 2014

    HE employers make final offer on pay 2014/15

    The national higher education pay talks have led to a full and final pay offer for 2014/15.  The offer is as follows:

    Pay rates for all staff covered by the HE national agreement would be increased from 1 August 2014 by 2%

    Point 1 of the pay spine would also be increased by a further £30.  This would bring point 1 to the current rate of the Living Wage (£7.65) in those HEIs that have a 35 hour working week, which equates to an uplift of 2.2%.

    Post 92 HEIs (such as London Metropolitan University) that pay London Weighting in line with the national agreement are recommended to increase these by 2%.  Pre 92 HEIs are not subject to national negotiations on London Weighting, so UNISON Centre will have discussions with Greater London Region on this.

    Pay related equality matters

    The national employers and unions will conduct joint work to look at the use of the bottom pay points, variance in weekly hours and hourly equivalent rates used by universities.  This will enable both sides to assess the use and usefulness of, in particular point 1 of the 51 point pay spine and will inform discussions on pay for 2015/16.

    The employers and trade unions are also committed to joint working groups to examine issues around the gender pay gap, plus casualisation and the use of zero hours contracts in the sector.

    The final offer is based on the following understandings:

    • that it would settle the pay negotiations for 2014/15;
    • that it would draw a line under the 2013/14 negotiating round and dispute.

    Branch consultation arrangements

    The Higher Education Service Group Executive believes that the offer of the 2% increase across all spinal column points for the 2014/15 pay award is made as a direct result of the industrial action taken by UNISON members over the 2013/14 pay offer along with other unions.

    The employers’ 2% offer should be seen in the context of other settlements, and as a building block for the future.  Other areas of the public sector face a pay freeze, have been offered only 1% or face attacks on increments and sick pay. The HESGE recommended that the employer’s full and final pay offer for 2014/15 is the best that can be achieved by negotiation without taking further sustained industrial action.

    The HESGE thanked those members who took part in industrial action, who stood by us and set the tone for this year’s pay negotiations.  The HESGE are proud of our stand in taking action over the 2013/14 pay offer.  We encourage all those who joined our pickets lines who may not already be a workplace rep to get more involved and take an active role in helping to strengthen our union.  UNISON understands the vital work you do to deliver world-class services to students.

    UNISONs longstanding policy is to consult with branches once we receive a final pay offer.  The consultation closed on 23 May 2014, with members voting overwhelmingly to accept the offer, both locally and nationally.

    The more members UNISON has in our workplace, the stronger and more effective we will be in discussions with the employers. Tell your colleagues why you are in the union and encourage them to join.  Potential members can join instantly by calling 0800 171 2193 or join online at

    Download the full trade union side national claim, submitted to JNCHES on 20 March 2014.