Dave Power, 1963 — 2012

    “We need to refocus on the importance of benefiting humanity and make a fresh departure from there. This is how human rights will be established.”

    Dave Power

    Dave Power was a mild-mannered gentle man who focused on humanity through his constant development of not only his own personal education but the education of all students and staff through his work and wisdom as an IT/Media Officer.

    Dave excelled through his creative talent as a part-time lecturer running courses for Birbeck in the TV studio at Ladbroke. He was an active trade unionist, a musician, a creative and talented person whose potential had not yet reached its true level.

    He will be sadly missed by all his colleagues and friends throughout London Metropolitan University and throughout London.

    Dave touched many people’s life with his smile and laughter, so please remember not to judge Dave and let’s celebrate his wonderful creative achievement within his working environment not just surmise his life by this one incident, Dave was much more than this.

    Rest in peace Dave.

    Dr. Rosalind Hanmer
    Colleague and friend

    * * *

    Dave will be missed.

    Lloyd Williams

    * * *

    I remember David as a ray of light, always positive and helpful and willing to go ‘the extra yard’ to solve problems. May he achieve a restful peace.

    Dr. Nigel Marlow

    * * *

    Dave had been our friend for some 25 years or so and we are shocked and deeply saddened to hear of his death. He was a loyal and kind friend to us, and we always looked forward to his regular visits to see us in Hertfordshire. He would arrive with a bottle of wine and some biscuits, we would cook him supper and subject him to dire Saturday night telly, X Factor etc. Dave was always good company in his own quiet amusing way, and we have some fond memories of him. He was a very gentle and kind man.

    Iain, Sarah and Findlay

    * * *

    I had known Dave since he started over twenty years ago. He is someone I’ve always considered to be a friend at work as well as a colleague. In the early 1990s I was his team leader, and it was a pleasure to have him in my team. I will sorely miss him. May he rest in peace.

    Martin Messias
    IT and Media Services

    * * *

    Dave,  a long-time colleague — a gentle man with a kind sense of humour, and boundless patience with non-techies like me.

    Louise Dryden
    PGCE Early Years

    * * *

    I knew Dave as a kind, helpful and funny work colleague and a very nice guy. I will miss seeing him and send condolences to his family, colleagues and friends. Rest in peace.

    Anne Robinson
    Film Studies

    * * *

    This is deeply shocking. I am speechless. Dave was one of the uplifting and supportive colleagues at London Met. Dave was a model of  a kind and aware person, always helpful, positive, radiating  an embodied intelligence mixed with wit, and a great sense of humour, good taste in shirts and music. I wish to thanks Dave for all his professional support within an environment that often lacks just that. My thoughts go to his family, friends and close colleagues at the media centre.

    With saddest wishes,

    Thomas Kampe
    Performing Arts

    * * *

    I have known Dave since moving from the Kentish Town Campus to Holloway Road some 18 years ago, where he proved to be a real lifeline for HALE (formerly HAL and LMS).  As a person, Dave was kind, gentle, personable and funny: a truly lovely guy.   I am devastated by what has happened, but I feel blessed to have known him.  My heartfelt thoughts and sympathy go to his family and friends.

    Tamméé Greeves
    Vice Chancellor’s Office

    * * *

    This has been a terrible shock. Dave has been a colleague for over 20 years. I will remember him as a gentle, modest, caring person. When in a panic during inductions he would fly up several flights of stairs to fix any glitch with the equipment which saved heaps of embarrassment. He was a very sound man and embodied the best of what we have been about here. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues, especially everyone in Media.

    Megan Redmond
    Library Services

    * * *

    I just want to add my deepest condolences to Dave’s family and friends. It is a great shock to learn of his death — so sudden and so sad.

    Dr. Fiona English
    Applied Linguistics

    * * *

    I would like to join many others in expressing my deep condolences to Dave’s family, close friends and colleagues. Dave was one of the best colleagues I can think of.  He was kind, funny, interesting, and always helpful despite my many failings in areas where he excelled.  We talked about music, where his knowledge was encyclopedic, and Americana with a slightly sardonic edge.  What a kind and gentle soul he was.

    Dr. Kathy Castle
    History (Staff Governor)

    * * *

    Dave was an invaluable member of our team who will be deeply missed by all those who had the privilege of working with him. May he rest in peace.

    Richard Burton
    IT and Media Services

    * * *

    I came to study Film at London Met as a mature student in 1997, Dave was one of my tutors and we connected immediately. He was a sincere and creative man who made a lasting impression on me. I’m glad I got to see him again at a symposium on music and political change at London Met last year — although we hadn’t seen each other for quite a few years it was as though no time had passed. It is a great loss, but Dave will live on in the memories of all who knew him.

    Mark Bedford

    * * *

    I saw the news in the Islington Gazette and was saddened and shocked to hear of the incident. I remember Dave well from the olden days in Kentish Town where I first joined PNL and then at the main site up to 2004 when I left. He was a keen union member and a mild mannered lovely guy. My thoughts are with all who knew him and his family and friends too. May he now rest peacefully. Thoughts go out to his family and his friends and colleagues at London Met. So sad a way to go.

    Jenny Aster
    Formerly Assessments

    * * *

    I first became acquainted with Dave Power whilst LMU was still in its UNL incarnation, when I began life as a Film Studies lecturer. Like many, I liked Dave immediately. He was considerate, humorous, professional, and firmly on the humane side of the political divide.

    I left London Met for pastures new in 2009. My memories of the place — given its troubles — are unsurprisingly mixed. All memories of Dave Power are good ones. He will be missed by many.

    Peter Hurley
    Formerly Film Studies

    * * *

    He was an active union man, defending jobs and rights of all members in the wake of closures and privatisation. My deep condolences to his family.

    Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Lab. Islington North

    * * *

    Like others I was truly shocked to hear of Dave’s death.  I will remember him as a decent, kind and very funny colleague..who had a great line in natty shirts too! He will be much missed.  I hope he has found some peace.

    Lucy Richardson
    Performing Arts

    * * *

    I knew Dave for twenty odd years and always considered him one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever known. His tragic death has left a big hole in our working lives and I send my heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and Media Service colleagues.

    May he rest in peace.

    Tony Murray
    Irish Studies Centre

    If you would like to share your memories of Dave with us please email: unison@londonmet.ac.uk


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