IT restructure: questions

Please use this area to ask questions about the IT restructure.


  1. Wendy Stokes says:

    Problems may be considered ‘user issues’ but if the users can’t fix them and/or see them as issues greater than their own knowledge and ability, then they are not ‘user issues’. Fixing computers and software problems is not part of the academic job description, nor is it factored into our time management.

    We have office computers that are years beyond the replacement periods that the university stated, and computers/screens/software in teaching rooms that regularly fail to work – we can’t embark on lengthly fixes when we have a class full of students expecting to be taught!

    We have always relied on good relationships with IT staff to work together to provide a good environment for students, which has been undermined over time by redundancies and (I believe) outsourcing.

    Academic staff have been compelled to rely increasingly on IT (weblearn, evision, turnitin, etc) for teaching and communication between ourselves and with students. These systems are not fit for purpose (for example, the failure to establish a link between turnitin/weblearn and evision means that we have to copy down grades from turnitin and manually submit them to evision, often hundreds of grades in a semester), time-consuming, and in need of a profound re-think. It is unrealistic to expect that we can work with these systems in an increasingly pressured environment and to do the IT support for ourselves.

  2. The current self service can be accessed here:

    It is believed that many IT issues can be resolved by training staff to fix issues themselves because many IT issues logged are not technical faults, they are considered user issues.

    If you would like to find out more there will be a staff meeting on Friday 11, 1-2pm in TMG-79. All staff will be affected by these changes so all staff are welcome to attend.

  3. Wendy Stokes says:

    Would someone please explain what, “staff [will] utilise self-service methods of raising call and fixing issues” means, please?

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