IT Restructure: comments and feedback

Please use this area to add your comments and feedback about the IT restructure.


  1. Eddie Rowley says:

    1. Losing IT support like this is going to have a serious impact on the university and student experience. IT support is essential, often IT and media kit may not work when i am running training and ICT are invaluable in resolving problems either in person or over the phone.
    2. Student get understandably annoyed when IT doesn’t not work and their is a delay in the start of a class or lecture because. If there is no service desk support then these delays will be much longer and further hit student satisfaction.
    3. Closing the print centre does not make any sense. Often printers are out of action and jam when they have to deal with big jobs. This will increase significantly if everyone has to use the machines instead of the print centre. In house printing services is flexible and can respond to the uni’s needs quickly and effectively.
    4. The ICT cuts proposed mirror the Student Journey cuts recently implemented in the way that they have clearly not been thought through or appropriately risk assessed. The SJ cuts which led to a chaotic enrolment period. They need to learn from these mistakes not repeat them.

  2. Joanna Cooke says:

    The IT staff do a brilliant job and as Victoria says, the equipment breaks down frequently. Also the new classrooms have more complex technology, which means we will need more IT staff, not fewer. It is financial nonsense to have fantastic equipment/software in new classrooms but insufficient support for staff to be able to use it effectively.

  3. Michael Stringer says:

    I am concerned at the deletion of the Library Systems Manager post at a time when a new library management system is about to be implemented. Will the level of support from a hosted service match that of a person in post who can coordinate with the company and communicate potential issues of a technical nature?

  4. Dr Getachew Zergaw says:

    From my experience at Londonmet, the service provided by the IT Technicians has been excellent and they were at hand when ever needed. I cannot see how an efficient academic work will be carried out if the academic is expected to do, essentially what the IT specialits carry out brilliantly all the time. I do not think the academics will have enough time to do both jobs at a quality level. If the restructuring as planned goes ahead the academic teaching quality will go down and the University could face a huge task of keeping the retaintion rate, even at the present level. I hope a rethink will be considered.

  5. Paul Bryant says:

    The Campus Support Technicians do a brilliant job. In my capacity as learning technologist I’ve logged a lot of calls in relation to the Avocor touch screens and their associated software. For every logged call the campus support technicians have been very prompt to answer and have kept me up to date with progress re the issue. As a result I can proudly say that staff attending my training sessions have not in anyway been effected by issues regarding touch screen hardware and software that were identified prior to the training sessions taking place. I can’t see how this level of service can be maintained if the number of technicians that provide this service are reduced in number.

  6. Wendy Stokes says:

    Could someone please explain what “staff [will] utilise self-service methods of raising call and fixing issues” means, please?

  7. Victoria Neumark Jones says:

    1) It is ridiculous to suggest that staff can self-service the constant malfunctions that they experience in classroom delivery of lectures. IT equipment breaks down near every session. Furthermore, academics are not employed as IT technicians.

    2) Specialist equipment, such as in the TV studio, cannot be fixed by any old person, much less a member of academic staff. It requires experts.

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