IT Restructure: comments and feedback

Please use this area to add your comments and feedback about the IT restructure.


  1. Victoria Neumark Jones says:

    I want to reiterate the importance of good in-class support for the NSS!!!!!

  2. Brian Jarman says:

    I agree with everything Eddie Rowley says. This would have a disastrous effect on the NSS survey. It’s hard enough as it is to keep everything running as smoothly as possible and students are understandably angry if they do not get a good service. I just don’t see how this would work. Please. please reconsider.

  3. Eddie Rowley says:

    1. Losing IT support like this is going to have a serious impact on the university and student experience. IT support is essential, often IT and media kit may not work when i am running training and ICT are invaluable in resolving problems either in person or over the phone.
    2. Student get understandably annoyed when IT doesn’t not work and their is a delay in the start of a class or lecture because. If there is no service desk support then these delays will be much longer and further hit student satisfaction.
    3. Closing the print centre does not make any sense. Often printers are out of action and jam when they have to deal with big jobs. This will increase significantly if everyone has to use the machines instead of the print centre. In house printing services is flexible and can respond to the uni’s needs quickly and effectively.
    4. The ICT cuts proposed mirror the Student Journey cuts recently implemented in the way that they have clearly not been thought through or appropriately risk assessed. The SJ cuts which led to a chaotic enrolment period. They need to learn from these mistakes not repeat them.

  4. PS says:

    Were students consulted with about this? What is their response? I do not understand why significant restructuring of core units is taking place when Londonmet is seeking to appoint a new VC? Ideally, all current consultations should be put on hold until the new VC is appointed so that he/she/them can make appropriate decisions. There is some thinking that the new VC may want a new structure and a new team. If that becomes a reality, the entire structure will have to change again and we as Londonmet community cannot afford to have yearly cycles of such significant changes as they are heavily affecting both staff and student wellbeing.

    I gather that there are a number of senior managers earning over £100K. Are these positions worth that salary because Londonmet is still at the very bottom of the league table. Whatever changes the senior management has put through did not improve Londonmet league table situation. I also gather that several senior managers are heavily overpaid when compared to similar institutions. It is important that Unions undertake analysis of senior manager pay scales and the number of positions at various levels both at the school and university levels, and put forward cost saving proposals so that savings made there can be channeled towards the operational layers such as IT technical support, lecturers and senior lecturers, technicians etc. with a view to mitigate current and future redundancies. Heads of subjects in several other institutions are of PL grade positions but at Londonmet these are PMG4 positions. Therefore these are overpaid positions. There are 18 of these Heads of School PMG4 positions and it is possible to make over £100K savings by regrading them to PL grades. There are several small subject groups and further savings can be made by merging these subject groups. The VC recognises that staff at the lower levels do the heavy lifting however when it comes to cuts, the heavy lifters are the ones to go first. How unfair! It is high time to review the senior management salaries and publish these figures. It is students who are paying these salaries through their fee. And students should be involved in the panels that decide the senior managers pay. Student voice is now more powerful than ever before and they are now part of all key functions of the Londonmet. Where students are not involved is in pay reviews.

    We are a small University now. Where is the need to have two schools called Social Sciences and Social Professions with two Heads of Schools? These two can be consolidated into one school. This will also reduce the number of subject areas and the number of managers. Why do we need two Pro-VCs and a Chief Operating Officer on high salaries? In the last restructuring, faculties became schools and the four faculty Dean positions expanded into six Heads of School positions? Are these called significant saings? Can you think of a Head of School with high reputation in the HE sector and with excellent levels of credentials in Teaching and Research?

    In summary, Unions should propose a thorough review of the salaries and the number of senior management positions and propose redundancies in those senior management levels before any redundancies take place at the other operational layers. Unions should immediately ask the governing body to put a hold on current consultations until the review is done and until the new VC is appointed. It is totally unfair to propose cuts always at the lower levels.

  5. Joanna Cooke says:

    The IT staff do a brilliant job and as Victoria says, the equipment breaks down frequently. Also the new classrooms have more complex technology, which means we will need more IT staff, not fewer. It is financial nonsense to have fantastic equipment/software in new classrooms but insufficient support for staff to be able to use it effectively.

  6. Michael Stringer says:

    I am concerned at the deletion of the Library Systems Manager post at a time when a new library management system is about to be implemented. Will the level of support from a hosted service match that of a person in post who can coordinate with the company and communicate potential issues of a technical nature?

  7. Dr Getachew Zergaw says:

    From my experience at Londonmet, the service provided by the IT Technicians has been excellent and they were at hand when ever needed. I cannot see how an efficient academic work will be carried out if the academic is expected to do, essentially what the IT specialits carry out brilliantly all the time. I do not think the academics will have enough time to do both jobs at a quality level. If the restructuring as planned goes ahead the academic teaching quality will go down and the University could face a huge task of keeping the retaintion rate, even at the present level. I hope a rethink will be considered.

  8. Paul Bryant says:

    The Campus Support Technicians do a brilliant job. In my capacity as learning technologist I’ve logged a lot of calls in relation to the Avocor touch screens and their associated software. For every logged call the campus support technicians have been very prompt to answer and have kept me up to date with progress re the issue. As a result I can proudly say that staff attending my training sessions have not in anyway been effected by issues regarding touch screen hardware and software that were identified prior to the training sessions taking place. I can’t see how this level of service can be maintained if the number of technicians that provide this service are reduced in number.

  9. Wendy Stokes says:

    Could someone please explain what “staff [will] utilise self-service methods of raising call and fixing issues” means, please?

  10. Victoria Neumark Jones says:

    1) It is ridiculous to suggest that staff can self-service the constant malfunctions that they experience in classroom delivery of lectures. IT equipment breaks down near every session. Furthermore, academics are not employed as IT technicians.

    2) Specialist equipment, such as in the TV studio, cannot be fixed by any old person, much less a member of academic staff. It requires experts.

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