Richard Burton – Appeal for Witnesses

Richard Burton

Richard Burton 1960-2016

On Thursday, October 20, at around 6.50pm a motorcyclist, Richard Burton, crashed into the central reservation on the M4 westbound carriageway close to the junction 6 exit, on his way home from work. Richard was known to be a careful driver and there were no reported potholes or debris in the road which would cause him swerve into the central reservation.

Richard passed away in Hospital on Tuesday 25th October.

His family and friends are appealing for witnesses to come forward to help determine what happened that night on the M4. Despite newspaper coverage, police coverage and a huge social media campaign not one single witness has come forward.

If you were a witness to this tragic event please contact 101, quoting URN 1303.

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


News reports of the incident

Slough Express (Friday 21 October 2016)

Windsor Observer (Wednesday 26 Oct 2016)

Slough Express (Friday 04 November 2016)

Maidenhead Advertiser (Friday 04 November 2016)


Read more about Richard

Richard was a long standing UNISON member who worked in the IT department at London Metropolitan University before taking Voluntary Redundancy in July 2015 after 26 years service.



Richard was a very kind and helpful person for the past 5 years he had volunteered at Crisis at Christmas in the catering team in Bermondsey’s alongside his disabled son Alex aged 23 years. He also leaves behind his daughter Cierha aged 27 years and 2 year old granddaughter Ava. In his memory, his family have asked that people who knew Richard or who would like to follow his example donate to charity as little or as much as they can.

This could include:

  • Have a clear out and take your unwanted things to a local charity shop
  • Volunteer some of your time to help a charity or cause (why not Crisis at Christmas?)
  • Donate some money to a charity of your choice


Richard Burton Memorial Page

If you would like to share your pictures and memories of Richard or leave a message for his family go to the Richard Burton Memorial Page.


Message from Richards wife after he passed away

So here we are again.

Richard went to Bikers Heaven today a little after 5pm.

In our eyes……..he just road into the sunset……..

It was peaceful. Beautiful. Serene. Like at home, sleep came easily to him. He loved his bed. He read, listened to his music, played games on his phone. All whilst sitting on his bed.

We used to say: ‘Dad’s upstairs looking at his toenails’. He thought that was amusing. So did we.

Today he was surrounded by his children Cierha and Alex and our best friends #MariaParvez
and #SiobhanCrosbie. We are really lucky to be surrounded by great friends.

We put on Ska tracks in Richards Room and talked and talked and talked over the music. Nothing new there (if you know me!) Richard used to just roll his eyes when we women got into conversations. We’ve laughed and shared the best memories, ever.

Bridget was our nurse and John our doc. They never left us. A superb team who helped us manage the event.

So now we have a huge request.

I’d like everyone to share this post to your groups.

Then tomorrow when the shops open, pop along to your local charity shop.

Choose your favourite.

And you say to the person on the till –

‘Richard Burton can’t come himself, but he’d like you to have this’.

And you make a small or huge donation.

Don’t buy anything. You don’t need too. Richard took care of that over the years. Our house is full of charity shop treasure. Full to the rafters.

We don’t need flowers . Richard wasn’t that soft!!!!

When you’ve made your pledge, say ‘I’ve done it!!!’ And post it on FB

He’ll be chuffed. Throwing his head back in glee at the madness of it all.

This year we had planned our 6th volunteering role at Crisis at Christmas. I work as a nurse on the medical team and Richard and Alex work in the kitchens.

He will be missed.

But we have sorted that one as well. We will donate all of his clothes to the charity to distribute over the period at the centres. I’m working at the Paddington Centre.

So with a bit of luck I’ll spot middle aged balding men donning Iron Maiden, Che Guevara, Simpsons T Shirts. Richard clones.

He’d be laughing his socks off at the very idea of it. Richard Burton sharing his treasure on the move!!!!

We will be having a bit of a party in a few weeks. In a pub in east London and the beer will be flowing. Please come. You’d be most welcome.

I’ll post out the details on FB.

Thanks for all your support. You are all ‘diamond geezers’ in Richard’s eyes.

I had the best partner in the world. 33 years. Lucky me.

PS. Please. Stop crying. You have a job to do tomorrow. Please give generously.

 His wife is happy for anyone to connect on FB: Fiona Flaherty