Open letter to the Vice Chancellor


Dear John,

Thank you for sending your update to staff regarding the current S188 consultation. UNISON along side the UCU and many, if not all, non union staff members feel you could be doing more to make this process far fairer and ensure this project has a greater chance of success by applying three things which are quickly achievable and within your power.

    1. You state in your email that you are ‘confident that if we work together​, we can transform London Met into a university of first choice for thousands of applicants.’ Both the UNISON and the UCU have made a number of requests to work with the university and use ACAS, a free advisory and mediation service which specialises in employment relations, to help us ‘work together’ for the benefit of the university. You have repeatedly declined this request. In the spirit of your willingness to ‘work together’ I am making this request once again.

    1. The current Voluntary Severance scheme is a hang over from the previous S188. To uphold the university’s commitment to mitigate the need for compulsory redundancies I urge you to open up a new VS scheme with the enhanced VS terms which will stay open until the end of the OCOC project.

  1. We were told that the proposals in the S188 consultation documents are an ‘assumptions based model’ devised from ‘bottom up’ consultation with the area heads. Most staff will be aware that a bottom up consultation starts with operational staff, who carry out the day to day tasks which keep the university running, rather than with senior managers. 45 days is no where near long enough to consult over these huge changes to the institution. If this project is to have any chance of success operational staff need to be given the opportunity to input into the proposed structures – this does not include a ‘conversation’ over a piece of cake. Please take steps to extend the consultation period so we can ‘work together’ to make this project work.

If you do not adequately respond to these reasonable requests we will have no other choice but to escalate them to the Board of Governors prior to their meeting on 30th June.



On behalf of UNISON Branch Committee

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