Annual General Meeting 2016

AGMposterAll London Met UNISON members are invited to attend our union branch’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on the 29th March 2016. This year, the AGM will be in the North Campus.

We have an agreement that managers will allow for members to have paid time off (services permitting) to attend this two hour meeting including reasonable travel time.

Please note, in accordance with rule 6.2 of our branch rules, you are hereby invited to nominate members of our branch for elected positions (see attached nomination form). Please return these to Patrick Bellew ( as soon as possible and within two weeks (deadline 5pm, 23rd Feb).

Download the poster

Changes to AGM timetable:

Due to staff sickness and the recent changes to our branch committee, the timeline for the AGM is slightly amended this year. The new timetable means we (the branch committee) have 1 week less admin time but members still have a 2 week period for nominations. The usual timetable is:

Notification of AGM: 8 weeks prior to meeting

Nominations close: 6 weeks prior to meeting

New timetable:

Notification of AGM: 7 weeks prior to meeting (09-02-16)

Nominations close: 5 weeks prior to meeting (23-02-16)

Current Branch Officers

Branch Chair Claire Locke
Branch Secretary Patrick Bellew
Branch Treasurer Chris Manna
Assistant Secretary (City) David Summers
Assistant Secretary (North) Alex Tarry
Deputy Chair Richard Bond
Membership Secretary (Jobshare) Jenny Gallagher
Membership Secretary (Jobshare) Debbie Quinlan
Education Officer Susan Lloyd
Welfare Officer Dr. Ros Hanmer
International Officer Shamim Ahmad
Communications Officer (Jobshare) James Goddard
Communications Officer (Jobshare) Ivan Roman Orgaz
Health and Safety Officer David Summers
Womens’ Officer [vacant]
LGBT Officer Dr. Ros Hanmer
Black Members’ Officer Yola Adeyemi-Laurence
Young Members’ Officer [vacant]
Retired Members’ Secretary Nigel Norman

*All positions except the top three are open for jobshare.


Please note – as per our rule book – that if there are any unfilled vacancies still at the AGM we will accept nominations at the meeting itself.

Please submit any motions you wish to be considered at least two weeks prior to the AGM (23rd Feb), unless an Emergency Motion.

The meeting will run from 12-2pm. The location is GCG-08 (ground floor Graduate Centre) Holloway Road.

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