Motion passed at Emergency General Meeting

No compulsory redundancies – no union victimization

This branch notes:

  • There are now just 3-4 completely avoidable compulsory redundancies issued in our branch and the Branch secretary, Max Watson, is one of them.
  • UNISON are appealing on behalf of a member who is in a pool where others have volunteered to go but have been kept on whilst he has been made compulsorily redundant
  • We are also appealing against the redundancy of another member and the one other person in the pool has volunteered but is being kept on whilst she has been made compulsorily redundant;
  • The UCU have an agreement with management that there is no need for any compulsories in all but one faculty (Business and Law) as a result of a meeting with the Governors;
  • London Met UNISON submitted to the university a comprehensive alternative to the proposed redundancies which provided the required savings without the need to make compulsory redundancies;
  • Local MP, Jeremy Corbyn has written to the University calling on them to exhaust all avenues to resolve our dispute
  • We have contacted ACAS but the University has refused to meet via ACAS as well.

This meeting believes:

  • The compulsory redundancies are unnecessary, as our response during the S188 consultation shows – they are politically motivated.
  • Our branch secretary being made compulsorily redundant is not only an attack on him as an individual but also an attack on our UNISON branch, an attack on our right to have an effective representation at the workplace.

This branch resolves:

  • To call strike action on Tuesday July 21st [or nearest suitable alternative] in protest against these unjust and unnecessary compulsory redundancies
  • To involve UNISON regionally and nationally as well as other trade unions to raise the profile of this issue in order to bring pressure on the employer from the outside.
    Proposed by Branch Committee