Do you work for London Met? ‘Actively Disengaged’ UNISON / UCU joint leaflet

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Do you work for London Met?

Then you are a rare breed. You are hardworking, dedicated and determined to do the very best for our students and for the University whose values you share and  which you will fight will fight to defend. Without a hint of irony you are proud to be London Met.

It is also likely that your morale is low, you are overworked due to so many recent redundancies. It is likely that you experience high degrees of stress, work-related illness and have experience bullying and  harassment from management recently. It is likely that you are, have been or will shortly be at risk of  redundancy. Recently the University commissioned a staff experience survey which found the following: 

  • 80% of staff said they did not have confidence in the decision making of senior management 
  • 47% of staff reported stress at work seriously reduced their effectiveness  
  • 23% of staff responses reported recent bulling and harassment at work recently (12% higher than the norm) 
  • Just 24% said they were satisfied with the procedures in place for resolving employee complaints

It was our hope that staff suffering would finally be addressed. How wrong we were. The new ViceChancellor, no doubt egged on by his senior management team, response to the survey was  shocking if not surprising – blame the victim.  He told the Board of Governors on 17th March 2015:

‘It seems clear from the [Staff Experience Survey] that management effort should be focussed on energising the 30% of our staff who are ‘coasting’, to join the 30% of ‘actively engaged’ staff, and on managing out those in the ‘actively disengaged’ group’.

Staff at London Met are disengaged for a reason. Endless job cuts, workload, stress, bullying, harassment,  threats of outsourcing and redundancy and an absolute disillusionment with a senior management team who have  inflicted a quite an unprecedented series of crisis on us. They are the laughing stock of UK HE circles:

2011: ‘Shared Services’ fiasco. Achieved nothing and cost millions. PSD staff read about the proposal to outsource en-mass their jobs just three days before Xmas, via the press.
2011: Over-recruitment crisis— £5.9 million fine from HEFCE. How many jobs did this cost?
2011: Section 188 job cuts slashes PSDs especially Student Services. Numerous other s188s since.
2012: Management lose our Highly Trusted Status for international students. Since proven to be a self made crisis with the UKBA audit triggered by managements’ disastrous partnership with the London School of Business and Finance.
2012: UNISON members fight off second attempt to outsource ISS in three years
2013: Management turn their attention on staff ‘ representatives. Elected UNISON activists Max Watson and Jawed Botmeh are suspended and then reinstated after a mass staff, student and community campaign.
2013: Dean of Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) slashed courses and cut courses. ‘Shrink to grow’ was how he spun it then …
2015: 165 FTE job cuts announced with no growth plan. VC now says FBL Faculty future viability is ’in doubt’
Add your own …………………………………………..
(ran out of room to mention them all)

Management insult student intelligence by claiming losing 165 staff will have no impact on students. How can we have any faith in a  management who clearly have no idea how to run a University and have no strategy for growth. Management have done little or nothing to avoid compulsory redundancies.

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