UNISON urge ‘Yes’ vote in ballot for strike action to defend jobs

ballot-boxIt’s official – UNISON are balloting for strike action

UNISON officials informed London Met University we are to ballot all our directly employed members for strike action and action short of a strike (work to rule), on Friday 24th April.

We strongly recommend you vote yes to both questions.

Members will be posted a ballot to home addresses next Friday 1st May (the law requires a one week notice period) with the cover letter below.

It is crucial if you have moved recently that you phone UNISON Direct with your new address:
0800 0 857 857

Thank you to everyone who voted in the indicative ballot during the Easter vacation period: 86% of members who took part voted yes for strike action.

We have heard from the same senior management time and again that their proposed cuts are essential to the survival of our university: since 2009 the same message, with the same results.

As a result of their failed strategy we have seen a spiral of decline which they propose to continue with the current Section 188 for another 165 job cuts. We say: enough is enough! 

Both UCU and UNISON members have collectively voted twice in very well attended meetings to resist these cuts and have consulted members. This is a formal ballot for strike action. We strongly recommend you vote yes for strike action and yes for action short of strike action in this ballot.

We only ever get concessions from the current management during disputes like this when we’ve resisted. In 2009, 2011 and 2012 we fought back and we won significant concessions.

  • In 2009 we reduced the job cuts from 550 down to 350 after 3 days joint strike action.
  • In 2011 we doubled the redundancy pay after balloting for strike action.
  • In 2012 we stopped their privatisation proposals after we had authorised a ballot for industrial action.

The results of this ballot will help put pressure on management during negotiations, and give certainty that our members are united in their commitment to resisting these unnecessary and damaging cuts.

We dispute the need for compulsory redundancies, the scale of the 165 job cuts and the need to rush them with a hurried consultation period. We urge you to vote yes to both questions.  

Want to get more involved and help save jobs at London Met? Email: unison@londonmet.ac.uk

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