UNISON AGM, Tuesday 11th March, 12.30-14.30, Commercial Road, CR1-02


Annual General Meeting
11th March 2014

12:30 – 14:30
Algate Campus
Commercial Road CR1-02

Free lunch! 
Time off has been agreed with management to attend, including reasonable travel time.
Travel expenses will be paid.
* Elect your officers and reps: http://www.londonmetunison.org.uk/officers
* Have a say in our policy – discuss policy, debate motions and prioritise our campaigns:
Janine Booth from the RMT executive (author of a new book on privatisation or public services)
Molly Cooper and Sandy Nicoll from the Higher Ed Service Group Executive (on the pay campaign)
Why Commercial Road? 
It’s closing this year – yet another building sold from our estate – so this will be our last chance to meet there. It is also Maggi Loughran’s ‘patch’, who is standing down as Chair at this AGM, so we want to honour her dedication and commitment to fairness and justice. Have you seen this short clip?
It was an out take of this longer film of our strike rally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7IiOS24lak
A member asked if we can meet in the north again (to get a better turn out) but this would be in breach of our rules. A rule amendment requires a two-thirds majority: http://www.londonmetunison.org.uk/about
See you there!

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