RIP Bob Crow (1961-2014)

Ros Hanmer with Bob Crow, Feb 2014

Ros Hanmer with Bob Crow, Feb 2014

Bob Crow has always been one of my heroes and it was such a privilege to be able to meet him in person in a small venue as the W.E.A. on the 19th Feb 2014. I was attending a book signing of Janine Booth’s book “Plundering London Underground”.
Bob had written the foreword for this book and spoke briefly and with clarity about the deception laid at the ordinary working people’s feet in terms of the debt incurred over mismanagement of the underground.
In the short time I spoke with him it was clear he was a sincere, trustworthy man of the people.
His big statue equalled his big smile and open heart.
He will be sadly missed by generations of trade unionists and activists alike.
We as unison members would like to thank Janine for her solidarity in attending our AGM on this sad day 10th March and also for her request of celebrating Bob by having a minute of loud clapping which he would have been pleased to have heard. I will treasure this photo and its historical context. R.I.P. from Unison London Metropolitan University Branch.
Dr. R.M.Hanmer, London Met UNISON LGBT Officer
See here for the RMT tribute page to Bob Crow:

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