Shark Attack of the Day! Capita

UNISON – organising against the sharks!

UNISON is organising against the shark attacks!

UNISON is running ‘Shark attack of the Day’ messages all week. This is part of our ‘Proud to be London Met’ Campaign against Shared Services.

See here for more on our campaign launch.

We encourage you all to take action to support this campaign:

1) Fwd this email to your non-UNISON colleagues

2) Come to our meetings next week to discuss:

North: Monday 23rd April  TM1-83 1pm-2pm
City: Tuesday 24th April CM2-18 1pm-2pm

3) Refuse to talk to them

4) Email the VC by going here

5) Vote ‘No’ in the vote of confidence from the UCU


Based in London, Capita is the third largest multidisciplinary consultancy in the UK and regards itself to be a market leader in strategic partnerships with UK local authorities. 2000 staff work in their shared services centres to provide Revenues, Benefits, Financial Services, IT, Customer Services, Administrative Services, Electoral Services and Procurement for Local Government. Their offshore business, Capita India has 7 offices across India.

Below are some articles about Capita spanning the last 12 years which caught London Met UNISON’s eye…

1) Capita planned to outsource council jobs to India while city employees faced redundancy.

July 21 2011

“Directors of Capita are insisting they have not yet agreed to abandon plans to off-shore 55 jobs at Service Birmingham, the IT provider it runs for the city council.”

(…even Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, wasn’t impressed by this)

2) Capita criticised after increasing its profits while 1000 council workers at risk of redundancy

February 26 2011

“Capita Group, whose subsidiary Capita Symonds has a £14million-a-year deal with Blackburn with Darwen Council, saw pre-tax profits rise 12 per cent to £364million – despite public sector gloom sweeping East Lancashire”

3) Capita’s Boss tells workers: How dare you call me a fat cat, I only earn £14,500 a WEEK

December 15 2010

“Mr Pindar, 51, told workers he was only paid a weekly wage of £14,500.Yet the boss”s reaction backfired as staff expressed amazement at his lack of perspective.”

4) Health bosses ditched a controversial contract with payroll giant Capita.

October 17 2008

“Thousands of NHS workers across Leicestershire suffered months of misery with a catalogue of errors, which saw them wrongly paid and sometimes not paid at all.”

5) MPs claim that bungles over a contract to run the Criminal Records Bureau have cost taxpayers £150million.

14 April 2004

“The Government struck a £ 250million deal with private firm Capita, the lowest-priced bidder, to run the operation for 10 years.But forecasts about demand for the service proved wildly inaccurate and the cost spiralled to £400 million – -well above the bids submitted by two rival firms.”

6) Radical improvements needed to ‘deeply inadequate’ service.

December 2 2000

“A council has dropped an £18 million law suit to speed up the process of taking administration in-house after sacking its housing benefit contractor. Lambeth Council dumped Capita following a scathing Benefit Fraud Inspectorate three years into a seven year contract.”